Black Lives Thugs Do a Drive By Shooting That Killed a 9 Year old Boy—Black Community SILENT!


Did you ever read a story and hate everything about it? This is one of those stories.

Two kids died because some loser black lives thugs want to shoot guns into someone’s house during a drive-by. Sounds like really classy people with no education, bad parents, and the type of people who hope don’t breed.

Thugs fired shots into the home of nine-year-old Jayden Ugwuh and eight-year-old Montell Ross, killing both of them. Jayden somehow ran to his older brother’s room and died in his arms.

Jayson jr


The Blaze – “Didn’t even cry, just got hit and ran and laid up under his big brother, you know,” Jayson Ugwuh shared with the station. “Like he knew exactly where to go for comfort, you know what I’m saying.”


Jayden’s big brother, 12-year-old Jayson Jr. appeared on camera — tears streaming down his cheeks — but chose not to speak at that point. But he did talk to WDAF off camera, telling the station that Jayden’s eyes were open as he was laying down with him but that he knew Jayden had passed away.


And where is Black Lives Matter? Where’s dummy DeRay and stupid Shaun?


BLM idiots would get laughed at by thugs if they tried telling people to behave and stop acting like A-Holes shooting into family homes.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives unless they’re shot by a police officer and it gives losers an excuse to riot and steal things. DeRay probably gets his vests donated by looters and Shaun probably undergoes the same skin whitening treatment that Michael Jackson went through.

I care about these kids more than Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is nothing but the joke of the planet, a hate group, and a senseless group of violent protesters who probably have a collective reading level that approaches the 8th grade.

Hopefully that senseless group goes away soon. Black Lives Matter does nothing for this country and they’re an embarrassment to America.

I feel terrible for bringing Michael Jackson into this. God rest his demented soul. He was a huge creep, but he had GREAT SONGS!!

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