Black Lives Thugs FIREBOMB 76-Year-old Grandmother’s Car on Way To Church

molotov coctail

Three men in their early 20’s, one with braided hair decided to attack a 70-yr-old woman on her way to church. Now, these ‘men’ weren’t brave… attacking a Sr. citizen takes no guts. But they were even weaker than that because they attacked her while inside their car with a fire bomb. WHAT?!

On her way to church, grandma noticed a Monte Carlo with Illinois plate pull up beside her car. One of the passengers yells,”What’s up OG, don’t get too hot!” OG means original gangster or someone who has been around… why they called this grandma OG is beyond me. But what they did next is even more baffling. They hurled a Molotov cocktail in her SUV.

Her SUV exploded and the bomb torched everything inside the car while grandma escaped. WHY? What did grandma do to deserve a bomb hurled at her? No one knows why although it’s been suspected that these guys are Black Lives Matter hoodlums from Chicago who think they can do whatever the hell they want.

The miracle of all of this is: The woman was unscathed from the explosion but still wanted to go back and save her Bible because she was on her way to church. Luckily, there was a bystander who stopped her and kept her safe on the scene. The explosion happened around 10:45 am near the Our Lady of the Holy Cross’ picnic, which she was attending.

A bystander ended up taking a picture of the car and posting online because, “This is just something that I would want to know about. It could’ve been anybody.” It is very true that with Black Lives Matter on the loose, THIS could happen to ANYONE. No life is sacred to BLM, white or black.

The St Louis bomb & arson squad are investigating this incident. Could it be considered a hate crime?

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