Black Lives Thugs Let A Toddler Hold A Gun & Encourage Him To Curse! (VIDEO)


For all those people blaming the school to prison pipeline in the urban communities of America, you can all shut up now. Schools have taken the blame for too long. It’s time to put the blame where the real problem is.



It all starts at home. If you’re a loser at home, then you’ll be a loser on the streets. If you raise little loser babies, then they’ll be losers at school. It ALL starts at home.

Exhibit A, a toddler given a gun with a high capacity magazine, probably semi-automatic or fully automatic (I have no idea), and the irresponsible adult in the background doesn’t seem to care.


I bet he would care if the little baby buddy burst the hair trigger and popped a cap in the fool. How do you explain to your friends that a toddler shot you? That doesn’t look good when you’re going through gang initiations.

What if this guy was about to join a gang and the leader asked him how he got shot? Would he say something like this? “You see this scar? Yeah, that’s from my homie LiL’ Tyke. He shot me because I didn’t read to him every night like a good parent.”

And so you feel better about it, the Memphis police are investigating. I’m sure there might be a gun charge and something relative to the endangerment of children.

Maybe social services will remove the child and find a real parent to take care of them.

Imagine if that gun was a semi-automatic book of ABC’s! The kid would be a genius by now, but instead, he’s already destined for prison.

Thanks a lot uncle Ray Ray, that gun really taught me a lot!

When you teach me to walk, can you also teach me how to run away from police at the scene of a crime?

Can you also teach the baby armed robbery 101 and how to eliminate rival drug dealers without getting blood on your hands.

Good job folks. See you in court if you don’t clean up your act.

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