Black Lives Thugs CHARGED With Looting During Milwaukee Riots, Should They Lose Welfare Benefits? (VOTE)


In case you didn’t know, according to Black Lives Matter philosophies, looting is an important and justifiable part of protest. DeRay McKesson is a prominent BLM leader who was hired by Yale University to give a two-day lecture on the movement. He ‘taught students that looting is a justifiable form of protest, similar to the Boston Tea Party’. Just so we’re clear Black Lives Matter people believe stealing is OK!

Last week reported the VIDEO footage of a dozen young Black males climbing through a shattered plate glass window of a Metro PCS store and looting the front and back areas of the store. Here is yet another instance of ‘justifiable protest through looting’ and THESE guys are getting in trouble for it!

Prosecutors are charging 3 men for looting a local liquor store during the Milwaukee riots. They are the first men to be arrested in connection to the many lootings in the area. Durrell Jones, 45, of West Allis, was charged Friday with burglary, while Joseph Lindsey, 22, and Devon Love, 20, both of Milwaukee, were charged with unlawful entry into a locked building.


Should Milwaukee Looters Lose Welfare Benefits? in Freedom Daily ‘s Hangs on LockerDome

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Jones and Love said they didn’t take anything. Paul Spencer, the store’s owner said the looters caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage but that he doesn’t blame the protesters, but says surveillance video shows the group who looted his store were just opportunists from outside the area. He doesn’t believe the looters were part of the protest campaign. He also mentioned to the local news that a number of businesses are having to close their doors due to the protests. WATCH the whole story below:

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