Black Lives Thugs Seek Disgusting Revenge For Freddie Gray Death – VIDEO

Judge Renders Verdict For Officer Accused In Death Of Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray’s death is still bringing controversy to this day. Especially now that the officer involved in his death will not be send to jail. Civilians and protestors have been enraged calling for the prosecution of the officer involved. The Baltimore City’s state attorney charged the officers involved to gain justice for their deaths. However, Nero’s case was acquitted.

Officer Edward Nero was acquitted of all charges on Monday enraging many. Many call it an injustice in the criminal justice system. After court, Black Lives Matter protestors chased the officers family down the street. They cursed and harassed them as they tried to leave the courthouse.

Ironically, it was a black judge that presided over the case of a white officer. The officers white family was protected on the street by black officers.

Protestors chanted “no justice, no peace.” There are about five more trials in the next few months ready to take place with other connecting officers.