Black Lives Thugs TORCH Another City! VIDEOS!


Sylville K. Smith, 23, was the thug that police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin took down last night after he confronted them with a stolen gun. There are several videos below that show the rioting that ensued afterwards. But the party is about to end. Sheriff David Clarke and the governor of that state have now called in the National Guard. No more brick throwing, shooting at cops and firefighters or burning of businesses for these Black Lives Matter asshats. Not if they want to keep breathing that is.

A mob of over 100 rioters destroyed, burned and looted after this criminal took a dirt nap. They were yelling to kill all whites and were attacking cars that had white people in them. The were screaming ‘black power!’ as they were dragging those people out of their cars and beating them. They attacked reporters, threw them to the ground, punched, kicked and beat them. The media had to leave because it was just too dangerous. When the firefighters arrived to put out the flames that were consuming the looted businesses, someone with a gun started taking shots at them. Can you blame Sheriff Clarke for saying, ‘That’s enough dammit!’ and then calling in the big boys? I don’t. I’m glad he did it.

From Conservative Outfitters:

WISCONSIN – Milwaukee burns as rioters set four buildings and a police car on fire after police officer shoots and kills an armed man during after traffic stop. Police say the 23-year-old man was armed with a handgun at the time of the shooting. Hundreds of protesters rioted in the street setting multiple businesses on fire and chanting “black power”.

The mob has died down, but the authorities are now taking no chances of a repeat of the festivities. We are getting perilously close to martial law here. And is there a peep out of Obama? Nope… he must be secretly smiling at the prospect of bringing the lid down and furthering the nationalization of our police forces.

One man justified the violence saying that rich people don’t give blacks enough money. Do tell. We don’t owe you a damned thing my friend. You can get stuffed.

Then you had a black Alderman almost condoning the violence and demanding justice or we would all be sorry. Another politician who should be booted from office and possibly charged with inciting violence. I’m sure he’d be surprised to know the officers that shot the idiot were both black.

The whole incident was caught on the officers’ body cams. It shows very clearly that the suspect turned and raised a gun towards the officers. People claimed the guy was shot three times in the back. Not true either. He was shot once in the chest and once in the arm. The officers gave him CPR and tried to save his sorry life. No big loss. Seriously. Four officers were hurt last night… three by bricks and one by glass. It’s a minor miracle no one was killed. There were 48 instances of recorded gunfire.

The National Guard is activated, not deployed… yet. If BLM gets frisky again, they are going to be in a world of hurt. The deceased had a “lengthy arrest record” and The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that Smith had been charged with recklessly endangering safety and witness intimidation stemming from a February 2015 shooting. The charges were later dismissed for unspecified reasons, though prosecutors said they had recorded Smith asking his girlfriend to pressure a witness to the shooting to recant. A model citizen he was not.

Milwaukee is in flames and I fear this is just one more step in an ongoing emergence of civil unrest.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.