Black Lives Thugs Vandalized Police Memorial With ‘Justice For Alton’ Graffiti


Delusional and criminal vandals ruined a police memorial with a nonsense “justice for Alton” graffiti. The lacky loser art was done in red spray paint on the memorial statue located in Virginia.

vandalized ground

What does this mean? This means people have fallen victim to the mainstream media and Obama’s agenda to divide the nation. We were once a great nation, working together, doing great things. But that’s when Obama thought we needed change. Obama and the mainstream media somehow find ways to put racism BACK into things. We were at a great time when racial tension was gone, everyone enjoyed each others company, and it’s been on the decline since Obama took office and the mainstream media needed a hack reason to generate ratings for their poor work.

To see a memorial get defaced is heartbreaking. Police choose to defend people from the most rotten citizens, and sometimes lose their life in the process, and this is how we pay them a respect?

This is how the black community treats the people who will save them in a time of need? When people get in trouble, who do they call? The police. And even after all the times of disrespect from the black community, the police still answer the call. They pledged to serve and protect, and that means protect themselves as well.vandalized

Everything about this defaced memorial is terrible. It shows lack of respect, distrust, hatred, and everything that we didn’t have before Obama and the mainstream media needed some extra ratings.

It’s just a shame that we have succumbed to the absolute lowest levels since what, the 1992 LA riots? I thought we were done with all the nonsense when Rodney King asked if we could all get along.

We were getting along just fine, but then Obama and the mainstream media seemed to turn the tables and brought racism back to America.

When someone vandalizes a police memorial, something created to thank the people who lost their lives protecting citizens of America, then that’s just a lack of respect and it shows that people have become lowlifes and losers.

Stop being losers.

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