Black Lives Woman Refuses Service to White Cop at Local Gas Station

“THAT’S RACIST” is what a black person would say if a white person refused to service them at a gas station.

Good thing that’s not what happened and we don’t have to worry about racism!

Thank goodness this was a black person refusing service to a white cop at a gas station. Thank goodness that’s not called racism! Oh what would we have done if a black person was ever called racist? We would lose our mind!


What this person did was extremely racist. Anytime a person of color denies service to another person because of their color, that’s racist. It doesn’t matter if it’s black to white or white to black – it’s racist.

When people say “black people can’t be racist” then that person who is says black people can’t be racist is illogical and idiotic. Of course black people can be racist.

Anyone can be racist and to say otherwise is irresponsible and untrue.

A cop in Miami helped arrest someone, then wanted to purchase a Gatorade at a gas station. But getting a Gatorade from this gas station just didn’t work out as planned.

Here’s what happened in Miami where a black customer service register worker refused to ring up a white police officer at a gas station.


CBS LOCAL – “And here you are just trying to do your job, you effort an arrest. You go inside the store and the clerk won’t serve you,” said Jeff Marano with the Miramar PD.

This from the Miramar police officer, who described the clerk as a black male:  “[he] walked up to me and asked why we had arrested ‘his boy.’ The individual stated he would not ring me up and stated, ‘you know why.’ I proceeded to ask him again to ring me up and the individual again refused.”

Two things wrong with this young man who works at a gas station and refused service to a customer because he was a white cop.

  • He’s getting paid to do a job and not doing his job. He should be reprimanded for not doing what he was hired to do. It’s not his job to determine who can shop at this gas station and he’s making the gas station look bad.
  • He’s racist. Not doing your job because the man is a white cop is racist. I guess we could say it’s also “jobist” since the young man doesn’t like the officers job.

With further ado, the only appropriate picture to leave with this story is this.


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