Black Lives Woman Says This Cop Went Too Far When He Used a WWE Move on Her! (VIDEO)

I watched this video a couple of times. This Austin police officer stopped this woman and was asking for her license etc. I assume to give her a ticket. When he told her to put her feet back in the car, she wouldn’t and gave him attitude. He told her to get out of the car… it was obvious he was going to arrest her. She resisted him and did not do as she was told. Yes, the officer took her down – hard. She was fighting back… what was he supposed to do? That is his job. Now, the Austin Chief of Police is apologizing and saying the officer was out of line. I strongly disagree.

This woman has now been cleared of resisting arrest. I don’t understand why. She is probably going to sue and that officer will probably lose his job. There is supposedly footage of the officer telling her that African Americans have ‘violent tendencies’ and asking her: ‘Why are so many people afraid of black people’? This smells to me – Austin is a progressive city that caters to Black Lives Matter. Officers can no longer do their jobs without fearing persecution, even from within. Case in point.

From LiveLeak:

Austin, TX – Austin Chief of Police Art Acevedo says newly released dash camera video of how an officer conducted a traffic stop with a black woman will not be tolerated by the department, and he is making a public apology to the victim.

Austin police say the traffic stop happened on June 15, 2015. In the video, an Austin Police Department officer is seen conducting a traffic stop on East Riverside Drive near Burton Drive. The officer’s lights and siren were on when he pulled over 26-year-old Breaion King. As the cars come to a stop in a parking lot, King steps out of her car as Officer Bryan Richter approaches her. As he asks her to get back into the car, the two continue speaking. King is seating in the driver’s seat when the officer asks King to put her feet inside the car and from there the situation escalates.

Officers are being hunted and assassinated and this woman picks this point in time to get belligerent. You think that wasn’t calculated and on purpose? I think it was. The officer said he clocked her car speeding at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone traveling eastbound on Riverside Drive, according to the Austin America-Statesman. A cop’s training tells him that if someone resists at all that they are to be arrested… taken into custody by whatever means necessary. That is a survival tactic and as it should be. This woman claims that she was parked, so he couldn’t pull her over for speeding. The officer followed her into that parking lot. She knew what she was doing here. I find this cop’s WWE moves appropriate – I find the actions of the Police Chief not so much.

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