Black Male Gets 15 Years for Stomping White Woman’s Head Till She Died… Where’s Al Sharpton?


A black male was just sentenced to 15 years in prison for the savage murder of a homeless white woman. The woman, who barely survived on the street from day to day, didn’t have anything to offer this violent killer, but he killed her anyway, purely for pleasure.

America shouldn’t hold its collective breath waiting for Al Sharpton to make a statement about this vicious black-on-white murder.

42-year-0ld Tyrone Benford pleaded guilty to the murder of 53-year-old Lori Patch, along with two other charges including breaking and entering and felonious assault. (H/TDefund)

Patch was found nude and deceased close to midnight behind a building in downtown Akron.

While the police were investigating Patch’s death, they received a call about a break-in taking place not too far away from their location at the Akron Masjid mosque.

Benford was found hiding in the mosque and was apprehended. He had also attempted to steal a safe that was inside the mosque.

His shoes and pants were covered in blood, according to police.

The blood found on Benford’s pants matched the blood of white victim Lori Patch.

Once again, not one race baiter stepped up to the plate on this one. Why? Because they don’t gain anything from a situation like this.

Black-on-white murders  don’t carry the same gravitas that white-on-black ones do because they don’t advance the left and the media’s narrative of endless white exploitation of blacks.

Once again, if a murder doesn’t serve to further widen the racial divide in America, it doesn’t get attention from the media or the Al Sharptons of the world.

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