Black-on-white hate crimes seem to be trending upward.

But you certainly won’t hear that from the leftstream media.

You also won’t hear about the case of 17-year-old Ashley Marie Scott, a Lansing, Ill., resident who was violently murdered by a black drug dealer, apparently for fun.

Scott and her friends were admittedly up to no good when they agreed to meet Ronald McMahan, a 19-year-old black man who told the group he would sell them marijuana.

But when the group of white teens arrived at the meeting spot in Gary, Ind., McMahan immediately pulled a gun on them and demanded all of their valuables, including cash and jewelry.

The driver of Scott’s group carried his own gun, which he pulled in an effort to deter the thug from taking things any further.

As the driver of the car Scott was riding in sped off, McMahan riddled the vehicle with bullets, one of which fatally struck Scott in the neck and killed her.

Since the possibility of drugs was involved, the media has largely and played the story off as merely a drug deal gone bad (H/T Defund).

But there’s more to the story than that — as the dealer had absolutely nothing to gain by shooting at a car that was speeding away.

The fact that the car was filled with white kids from the suburbs points to the possibility of a racially motivated crime.

It would be easy to say that the dealer had probably pulled the same stunt many times before, but likely never shot at his victims.

Here’s the question: Where’s Al Sharpton on this one?

Nowhere to be seen, that’s where. It doesn’t serve his race-baiting agenda, so this incident of black-on-white murder will be swept under the rug with all the rest of them.

Though Scott lived in a predominantly white area, thanks to forced integration she attended a public school that was over 60% black.

Since she was one of five siblings, it’s possible that her parents couldn’t afford to send her to a private school that would be safer.

We point this out since she likely grew up watching movies and TV shows that made young black drug dealers look trendy and easy to deal with.

Due to her age and inexperience with what can really happen in places like Gary, she paid the ultimate price.

That’s partially due to the fact that Al Sharpton and the leftstream media don’t report much on black-on-white murders — it doesn’t match their agenda.

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