Black Man Calls Black Cop Racist Name… Gets Brutal Lesson From Cop! (VIDEO)

52 year old Maurice Crawley is a well known anti violence black activist from Syracuse, New York. Recently, he live streamed a traffic stop arrest and uploaded it to his Facebook page on Thursday evening.

Crawley was on the opposite side of the street of the traffic stop. He recorded two police officers who were black and white and arresting a male. He took the video because he wanted to show what’s happening. “See what’s going on with these boys, make sure they’re doing everything they’re supposed to be doing,” he said.

The video closely focused in on the black officer.

In the video Crawley said,

“Look at Uncle Tom. Yeah, Uncle Tom.”

It’s unknown whether the police officer heard his remarks. It’s typical of a race baiting activist such as this to call other African Americans who don’t agree with them Uncle Toms.

The police officer eventually spoke to him,

Hey! Say one word, your ass is going to jail, just so you know.”

Crawled yelled,

I didn’t hear you! Say it again, officer. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you!”

Apparently antagonizing police officers simply doing their job is ok in this barbarians mind. The black police officer began to cross the street. He proceeded to tell Crawley to turn around and give him his hands. The recording was dropped as Crawley struggled with his hands.

The police officer said,

Don’t f***in’ move, you understand me?? Don’t you f***in’ move, I’m a f*** you up. I told you to stop f***in’ comin’ ’round here.”

Black Lives Matter protestors came out on Friday morning as a result of what happens to Cralwey. After the protest organizers met with Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler. According to protestors they said the chief was deeply troubled by the video.

On Friday Crawley pleaded in court as not guilty for the crimes of resisting arrest and interfering with an investigation. Crawley was eventual released from jail after spending one night there.

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