Black Man Drops the Mic After Questioned About Supporting Trump for President

Being an African American Donald Trump supporter is not the easiest thing. In fact it is pretty difficult. Give a liberal someone who does not fit their stereotypical box and they will banish that person to Narnia. Such is the case with black people who do not blindly follow democratic candidates.

A man at the Pittsburgh airport was found sporting a shirt that read, “Trump 2016: Finally a Man with Balls.” Certainly not a kosher statement but nothing highly offensive or illegal by any means. However, that did not stop someone from accosting him about his support of the republican presidential nominee.

Watch a video of the men here,

The man accosting the Trumo supporter said to the supporter,

“Black people are they gonna vote for Donald Trump? I was just curious, I saw the Donald Trump shirt. So, pretty much, it stated who he was voting for. I thought all black people were supposed to vote for Hillary?”

The Donald Trump supporter responded,

“You see that? ‘Black people are supposed to vote for Hillary or Democrat.’ That is the problem. Black people are frickin’ sheep and herded to one side, without even thinking with their own brain. I’m voting Trump, ’cause it remains the same. He’s gonna ‘make America great,’ in my opinion.”

I don’t think it has to do with black or white, I think TV is making that a big deal. It’s people now, we’re all broke, we all need something changed, we all need a real change to better this country. That’s why I support Trump, and I’m gonna keep supporting Trump, and I don’t care who doesn’t like it!”

The accoster labeled Trumo a racist so the supporter retorted back,

“I don’t think Donald Trump’s a racist. I think Donald Trump’s ‘rich.’ There’s a difference. He earned that money. He earned to be in the class that he’s in. He’s not a racist…”

The video is filled with expletives so some of the video is at times blurry in understanding. The men in the video have not commented to the media about the exchange. It is always nice to see a Trump supporter who does not fit that stereotypical image that has been created by the mainstream liberal media.

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