Black Man Gets on Stage With Sharpton, Infuriates Crowd With Epic Truthbomb (VIDEO)


This guy is great. He’s the anti-Sharpton. Will black Americans listen? Judging from the audience’s reaction, I’d say no. You have to keep speaking truth to power, though. Kudos to this brave guy for fighting back against the professional race hustlers. Take ’em down!

Under President Barack Obama, race relations in America have deteriorated to levels not seen in decades. Many of the prominent “civil rights” activists of the 21st century have only made these problems worse by inflaming tensions for their own personal profit.

However, there are many members of the African-American community speaking out against people like Al Sharpton and Obama, stating that not everything is about race and that black Democrats need to wake up and face reality.

TheBlaze reported that one of these people is Armstrong Williams, Dr. Ben Carson’s business manager. At a panel moderated by Al Sharpton, Williams tore into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and warned African-Americans to not simply be seduced by her power and talk.

‘We sit here, you hear the race speeches, because they feel that’s what you want to hear today. Everything in America is not always about race,” Williams said.

The crowd was oh-so-tolerant and began to loudly boo and hiss at Williams for daring to express an opinion that was different than Sharpton’s.

But Williams didn’t let the rude audience members stop him from speaking out against Clinton and her phony ways.

“This is a business!” he added. “They’ll say whatever they need to say and do whatever they need to do to get elected!”

Williams was 100 percent right with that statement. Clinton has a long history of flip-flopping on major issues if she thinks it will get her a couple of thousand more black votes.

Many African-American voters are enticed by Democrats who constantly offer them free things and drive them into a cycle of dependency. Conservatives, on the other hand, just want people to be free to make their own lives, with the government doing the bare minimum necessary to provide safety and security for the American people.

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