Black Man Goes on Viral Rant: LOCK OBAMA UP FOR TREASON [VIDEO]

Barack Obama made history as the nation’s first Black President, but that hasn’t translated well for the Black community.

On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground. That’s whether you look at the poverty rate, unemployment rate, wages, and labor force participation rate in the Black community. This is the president’s most loyal constituency, and they didn’t gain any ground in that period.

And that’s just economic. Schools in the inner-city areas haven’t gotten any better, and biggest of all, our first Black President hasn’t improved race relations. Instead, he’s further pushed politics of victim-hood and division, further worsening race relations. According to one poll, race relations are at the lowest point today since 1992 – when the L.A. race riots were occurring.

Hows that for a legacy? And despite that, less than five percent of blacks voted for Mitt Romney when he was running against Obama in 2012. Will they give the Republican Party a chance this election? At least one man is, and he’s went on a rant against President Obama that’s rightly gone viral. As RightWingNews reports:

African American ET Williams, also known as The Doctor Of Common Sense, expresses his outrage over Obama bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.

Williams says this should get everyone in the Obama administration locked up on treasonous charges.

He said when Mr. Trump gets elected, he needs to launch a full investigation. “How does the 10,000 Syrian refugees benefit America?” he asks.

Williams said if someone wants to do missionary work to help the refugees, go over there… don’t bring them here.

And trust me – you don’t need to be a Doctor of common sense to realize that Obama’s refugee plan is absurd. For the cost of resettling 10,000 refugees in America, we could’ve resettled 121,797 in the Middle East. That’s because the overwhelming majority of refugees we take in use public assistance programs designed to accommodate Americans in need. It costs $12,874 a year to resettle a single Middle Eastern refugee in America – but only $1,057 to resettle them in the Middle East. We could also avoid any cultural tensions that may arise by resettling refugees in the Middle East – and do ten times as much good.

So why aren’t we doing that? So Obama can virtue signal to the world about how progressive and tolerant he is.

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