Black Man Has Racist Remarks After Cop Who Stopped OSU Killer Hailed A Hero

Most people in America have been praising the police officer who killed the assailant in the Ohio State University attack. But one African American man is spewing racist comments about the police officer. Many people are now outraged by his comments. Exposing the racial divide.

Anti racism strategist Tariq Nasheed has publically disparaged the very man who saved hundreds of live by killing th Somali refugee assailant.  Nasheed posted on Twitter,


Officer Horujko was near the campus when the attacks took place. The Ohio State University is in Columbus, Ohio. He was unharmed during the altercation. An eyewitness told the media they saw through their office windows the assailant be killed as he ran towards Officer Horujko.

The officers skin color has nothing to do with his actions. He acted heroically and did what he had to do to save the most amount of lives possible. Officer Horujko intervened at the exact right time and was able to stop this terrorist before the situation got any worse.

Many are upset that Nasheed made these disgusting comments disparaging a hero. He saved many lives that day. The officer is a hero and should be respect as such. His character and courage to do what is right is what matters most, not the color of their skin, and he proved that on the day of the terrorist attack.

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