Black Man Kills 8-Month-Old Daughter, Blames White People For His Arrest

LOL! Yeah, it’s all the white peoples problem. Even though this thug decided to leave his baby girl in the back seat of a hot car. Sorry…no excuses for leaving your daughter in the car. How could you forget your kid in the car?

Another thing I’m so tired of is hearing thugs blame white people for the crimes they commit. You made yourself a criminal. You chose to leave your kid in the car. It’s not the White people’s fault.

From DownTrend

A black man in Mississippi left his infant daughter in the back seat of a hot car and she died. It was an avoidable tragedy that was entirely the fault of the man’s negligence and he now sits in a jail cell charged with her death. According to the man’s lawyer however, his client didn’t do nothin’ and was only arrested because he’s a black victim of a racist system of white supremacy.

The Clarion-Ledger reports that Joshua Blunt left his job in Grenada, MS last Thursday to pick up his girlfriend and their 8-month-old daughter Shania. He dropped the girlfriend off at her work and then was supposed to take the daughter to her grandma’s house. Instead, he forgot Shania was in the backseat and went back to his job at a restaurant.

“The people making the decisions are white. It’s unquestionably related to racism. If this man had been any other color besides black I believe he would be at home, grieving like a normal father and preparing for a funeral,” said attorney Carlos Moore. Read More

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