Black Man DESTROYS ‘Peace Loving’ Liberals Who Are Burning Down Their Cities Over Fair Election (VIDEO)

Did anyone else notice that it’s usually liberals who run around outside, burning things down, protesting nonsense like #NotMyPresident, and complaining every time the little precious snowflakes don’t get their way.

Of course you did!

That’s what liberals do. That’s ALL liberals do. Liberals are weaklings, crybabies, and an embarrassment to America. How do you wake up every morning knowing that you’re a loser and most Americans can’t stand you?

Here’s what a Donald Trump supporter has to say about those “peace-loving” riot raging liberals.

Do you liberals hear this? Do you turn on your TV to watch yourselves in action and think “wow, we look like idiots” and realize that you have accomplished NOTHING?

No liberal protest is ever taken seriously. You ransack neighborhoods, bother people during their normal day/night routine, and you are the problem.

All because YOUR candidate lost a fair fight and will NOT be the President of the United States of America.

Let me state that again – Hillary Clinton is not, and will not, be the President of the United States of America.

You claim that Donald Trump isn’t your President? Not yet! Not until January! Better get your panties out of the bunch now, because when he’s in action, he’s getting work DONE!

You probably don’t know what it’s like to work, considering you have sooooo much time to protest on a daily basis.

Do you liberals all live together in a cramped up apartment? Because I don’t know how you people have time to go to work and earn a living when you’re rioting in the streets for three days.

Do liberals have families or friends besides other liberals?

Do your family members get annoyed at your existence, because there’s an entire country who can’t stand you. I imagine that you’re either part of an all-liberal family or your family disowned you because of you’re insanity.

Just think – you can be born a liberal! You know how? Because if you ever disagree with your liberal parents, then they’ll say #NotMyChild

Grow up, liberal losers and stop breaking things because you lost in a fair election.

Your candidate couldn’t beat a guy who had no experience. What does that say about her?

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