Black Man UNLOADS On Obama And BLM, “They Planned Charlotte Riots!” (VIDEO)

His name is Taurus Rachel, and like many of us, he is absolutely fed up with what Obama’s America is doing to us. Police Officers are now the criminals, and actual criminals have somehow now become the victims, and Rachel is done with this kind of nonsense. I am fairy certain, you are too.

Now, facts do not matter to Liberals, and more than half Americans have no clue what is going on in their own country, and those that do (us) are left with the burden of that knowledge to carry. We can warn people, we can try to inform people, but the truth is…with liberals making patriotism seem like a bad thing, no one is willing to take a moment to think for themselves.

…because no one gives a crap about the warrior, until the enemy is at the gates. By then it’s too late.

It’s a frustrating place to stand in right? You see all the stupid happening, you watch with horror as our Police Officers, our Military, and our country’s flag is being disrespected, stomped all over, and even more terrifying having a bounty placed on their heads. Yet, it just feels like there is not much you can do, without idiot liberals turning the tables on you, then the ignorant American using those lies to gain a FAKE perception of the truth as they see it.

We all need a vacation. A vacation away from stupid people.

What can we do?

Well, Taurus Rachel is speaking out, and he has pretty much nailed it. Hear what he has to say, it just might give that little break you need from all the stupid, because it’s a great feeling to receive confirmation that you’re not the only one who sees the big picture and recognizes the lies.

Rachel accused Obama of planning the rioting in Charlotte. What is your opinion on that?

Maybe this dope of a community organizer that bigger dopes voted into the White House isn’t actually planning the riots but he most certainly is a huge part of the blame. He has done nothing but mislead BlackLivesMatter into believing that they truly are victims, and the nation is against them. He has helped to usher in this era of anti-police garbage, and turning Americans into cry babies.

Things would be different today if Obama had acknowledged the way they feel, then told them how to remedy their feelings the American way. Get your ass up, dust off, and do what you have to do to get and be who you want to be… WITHOUT ruining everyone else’s life.

In a perfect world…right?

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