WHOOPS! Black Man Claims Stopped By Police For ‘Being Black’, But Accidentally Films His Drugs…

Good luck getting through this video without wanting to punch your screen. This guy is a wreck. He was pulled over for a traffic violation, and from the get go was the most obnoxious, immature, race-baiting buttface you have probably heard in a very long time.

I have got to hand it to the Police Officer, this is the kind of garbage they have to deal with now ALL THE TIME… even soccer moms are being absolute terrors to Police Officers when they get pulled over now. What used to be a every now and then difficulty has become a daily thing for these Police Officers to have to deal with. All the sudden with Obama’s America everyone feels entitled, and have learned a few big words that they like to use when Police pull them over…to try and what? Make the police hesitate because of all the BLM garbage going on? Make them feel like they can break the law and not have to answer to Police if they are a minority?

Can you imagine how patient the Police have to be now? NO ONE and I repeat NO HUMAN being could possibly be as patient through this kind of treatment day and day out everyday. I dare anyone to try who thinks they can without going off eventually.

What’s worse about this guy…is as soon as he got pulled over he popped out his phone and had no problem live streaming the whole thing. Then as he’s being all self-righteous and using his big words to call on a supervisor…he hides drugs.

Yes.. HIDES DRUGS! He is shouting up and down that he’s being treated unfairly, and he’s done nothing wrong….then on LIVE video…hides his drugs, while Police are at their vehicles..

How did so many Americans get so stupid in just 8 years? It’s embarrassing…

I mean after what this guy did…I wouldn’t be surprised if the IQ of the entire world just dropped a 100 points.

Watch…I’m sure you’ll feel the same afterwards.

Now you can go to jail man…and it’s all your own fault.

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