It was a sickening, scandalous example of crime, a mother whose children were forced to watch her own agonizing death.

And it was yet another example of multi-racial violence – only this time, because the races were reversed, don’t expect to see Al Sharpton protesting the murder.

According to Opposing ViewsTyrone Harts, a 41-year-old African-American male from Riverside, Calif., was convicted of horrifically killing Brandi Morales, his girlfriend at the time.

Now, that jury has sentenced Harts to death for his disgusting crime.

The murder took place at Morales’ home, where she lived with her six children.

Harts, who had been living with Morales but was not at the time of the murder, apparently planned the murder by calling the house and asking one of Morales’ sons to keep the door unlocked for him.

The children later awoke to hear their mother screaming.

One of the boys tried to get a knife to protect her, but Harts fired at the child to stop them.

Harts shot Morales, after which the four youngest children had to watch Harts light their mother on fire.

While the children tried to put out the fire by pouring cups of water on to their mother, it was too late; Morales was pronounced dead at the scene.

In the end, Harts was found guilty of one count of murder, one count of attempted murder, five count of child endangerment and one count of being a felon unlawfully in possession of a handgun.

He was sentenced to death by the jury.

While the issue of white-on-black crime has been much in the news lately, thanks to events in Ferguson, Mo., the issue of black-on-other crime is considered taboo to mention.

It is not racist, nor is it impugning African-Americans as a whole, to admit that there is a problem that goes beyond simple socioeconomic conditions.

And the less we talk about it, the longer it will take us to solve the problem.

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