Black Man Urges Black People To Kill Cops; Receives INSTANT Justice

Black on white crime and violence has been on the rise recently. Especially after recent shootings by police officers of African American men and women. Hatred and resentment is brewing and it is even been encouraged. Race relations have certainly gotten worse since President Obama took office. Now an African American man from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan is encouraging other African Americans to murder Caucasian police officers.

He made the request via a social media Facebook post this past July. Now he is justifiably facing serious felony charges for his abhorrent rant against law enforcement said Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. The man is Nheru Gowan Littleton and he was officially charged with two twenty year felonies over his violent death threats. One charge is making a terroristic threatening and the other is using a computer to commit a crime. It was all reported by WXYZ-TV.

Littleton was arrested in the Detroit suburb of Southfield at a Comfort Inn. The US Marshals Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team also helped in arresting him. They were involved because his threats were aimed at law enforcement and because of the nature of his crime.

In the July Facebook post Littleton said,

“F*** them racist a** white cops!!! Kill them ALL!!! Black Lives Matter!!! Black people should start killing all white cops just like they are killing us!!! Then and only then will this s*** stop!! Why you ask? Because white people will be dropping like flies!!!

Five police officers were murdered in Dallas, Texas shortly after this incident. However Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy would not bring charges against the man who threatened the cops. She was black and the cops were white. She blamed police for her not following through with the charges claiming they did a shoddy investigation.

Detroit Police Officers Association President Mark Diaz told the media that all police officers put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Furthermore, he reported that during this heightened time of violence against police officers they have to take any threats made very seriously.

Of course they do. The deaths of those police officers in Texas prove just how dangerous it is out their for police officers. Making threats against them is nothing cute. Yet we live in a society that unfortunately glorifies such disgusting nonsense.

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