Black Man Viciously Beats White Woman In Public (VIDEO)

Before you watch this horrific video of a black man beating a woman to a pulp on the sidewalk in the Bronx… Before you count the dozens of bystanders watching this happen and take no action… Before you wonder why the guy filming is jubilant… you need to understand that this is NORMAL Black Lives Matter way of life in the Bronx. Being the hero and breaking it up is not. This woman is lucky this didn’t end in homicide because it happens quite frequently in NYC.

In 2015 New York City Police Department responded to over 279,051 domestic incidents (75,299 in the Bronx with 10 of them resulting in a fatality last year). Bronx is 57 miles wide so that makes 1 fatality per 5 and half miles. While family-related homicides occur in neighborhoods across the City, they are approximately 65% more likely to occur in neighborhoods with very low socioeconomic status indicators – high poverty rates and low median household income, employment rates, and high school graduation rates.

Between 2002-2014: Family-related Homicides Disproportionately Impact Females, Black Residents, and Children Less than 1 Year of Age. 66% of adult domestic homicide victims were female and 49% were black. In fact, Black residents in NYC are over 3 times more likely to be victims of family-related homicide than residents of other racial/ethnic groups. So it goes to reason that there’s probably many videos like these floating around with no one caring to stop it. WARNING: This VIDEO is violent and unbelievable… yelling at the screen will not get the bystanders to help the woman.

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Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive and abusive behavior intended to gain and maintain power and control over a family member or intimate partner. Abusive behaviors can include physical violence (hitting, punching, strangling, grabbing); economic control (taking a pay check, threatening to end financial support, forcing to quit work); emotional abuse (humiliating, insulting, blaming); sexual abuse (coercing or forcing sexual activity, refusing to practice safe sex); intimidation or threats (threatening to commit suicide; threatening to harm or kill a person, child, or pet; immigration-related threats); or isolation or extreme jealousy/possessiveness (stalking, accusing of cheating, isolating from friends/ family). Domestic violence can impact anyone regardless of age, race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or ability status.

Domestic violence occurs in relationships in the home, including those involving intimate partners (married, divorced, dating, children in common) and those involving other family members (parent/ child, grandparent/grandchild, siblings, and cousins). Prior to 2009, the definition of family-related homicide did not include individuals in current or former boyfriend/girlfriend intimate partner relationships, but has since been expanded. From 2002 through 2014, intimate partners accounted for 51% (469 of 914) of all family-related homicides; homicides involving the death of a child accounted for 23% (213 of 914) of family-related homicides; homicides involving other family members accounted for 25% (232 of 914) of family-related homicides.

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