Black Man Whose Shooting Death By Police Was Streamed Live Had Been Pulled Over AT LEAST 31 Times


Philando Castile and his girlfriend were pulled over by police on a routine traffic stop. What happened next is insane! Police asked for his ID, and when he was reaching for it, I believe his ID was next to his GUN. Police told him numerous times to STOP reaching for his ID, because it was presumed to be near his GUN, and Castile didn’t listen.

Castile was shot by police because he didn’t stop reaching near his gun. His girlfriend broadcast the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook live. She remained calm during the event as their child sat in the backseat of the car they were pulled over in.

Her bloody boyfriend gasping for air next to her, she seemed more concerned with streaming and getting Facebook likes.

Reports later state that Castile was a routine traffic offender. His stats state that he’s been pulled over at least 31 times with 63 traffic violations.


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Castile’s death is his own fault. Not only did he fail to comply to a police officers direct orders, he was also not very intelligent with his driving history. If you’ve been pulled over 31 times and have 63 traffic convictions, then you should do something to fix that.

Maybe Castile should’ve gotten his busted tail light fixed so he wouldn’t get pulled over and shot on the side of the road while his two-bit girlfriend records him bleeding out in the passenger seat.

See the video that was originally broadcasted live. How can she be so focused on this video when her so-called boyfriend bleeds out in the car?

Protests in Dallas rocked America and Black Lives Matter’s terrorist snipers murdered five police officers and wounded seven, all partially thanks to Castile, a guy who failed to follow direct police orders, who refuses to drive safely and properly, and who had a girlfriend who was probably not that into him.

Failure to comply to a police officer always goes wrong. It’s our job as citizens to follow the law and direct orders from officers. This is to ensure safety for everyone. Once people figure that out, then there will be less shootings.

Castile’s skin color did not play a part in the shooting. He was shot for non-compliance and having a firearm, not because he was driving black with a busted tail light. Don’t let the racist agenda of mainstream media trick you into believing this was a race fueled crime. It was not.

And Philando’s girlfriend should get the busted tail light fixed so her next boyfriend doesn’t get shot.

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