‘Black Men for Bernie’ Founder Switches Parties to Campaign for Trump

Well well well how the tables are turning…

Black Men for Bernie founder, Bruce Carter, is on a mission. He plans to restore black communities, and that mission did not end when Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the primary.

He opposed Hillary fiercely through the primaries and when Bernie lost, Carter’s hopes were dashed, but not forgotten. He knows that Hillary does not represent the minority communities, and that she cannot be trusted no matter how much disgusting pandering takes place.

Now, he is even more daring with his antics to keep Hillary out of the White House because he is convinced that the Democrat party rigged the primary against his candidate when he discovered the internal DNC emails, that were leaked.

Carter also knows that no matter what Hillary says to the public and promises to the people, she will NOT be changing democratic policies that have been the cause of destruction in the very communities he’s been working to re-build.

So naturally….

He has switched his support to TRUMP!

Seems like an odd switch, but if you learn why he’s decided to jump…it will make much more sense to you. He understands Hillary’s position. She is the poster child for the kind of corruption that exists in DC. He believes that Bernie was the one that would overthrow the evil that exists in government, but alas…he was cut.

Now, Carter is prepared to take Hillary on and do everything in his power to keep her out of the White House by putting Trump in.

Here’s a little more about the group…

Black Men For Bernie’s mission is to be the glue that brings Americans together from all walks of life in order to Restore Families Across America. This is a righteous want, and the man seems pretty sincere about this claim.

What do you think?

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