Watch What Happened Seconds After Group Of Black Men Make Shocking Announcement About Trump!

The black community vs President Donald Trump has been a controversial issue since the beginning. Of course, the black community has been causing controversy with a lot of people…but whatever.

Most recently there was a rally for President Trump in Florida, and during the rally, the live backdrop of people that you could see behind Melania Trump as she took the mic was a pretty amazing sight.

In fact, the rally itself was a pretty amazing rally. First Melania Trump before introducing her husband, our President Trump to the stage, took the time to pray. She led the crowd in the Lord’s Prayer.

That alone got massive attention on the national level, as she was being compared to the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Who for the most part when she stood at the mic to speak, spoke about America being racist, how she is forced to wake-up in a house that was built by slaves every morning (wrong), telling people they are oppressed and need to get up and get out of their oppression and fight (what the heck Michelle…dramatic much?)

She almost sounds…oh I don’t know, Anti-American?

Or is that just me?

Anyhow, when Melania took the stage and led the crowd in prayer, it was a moment of hope for the future. A future where America becomes great again.

Of course, even more motivating was the background that fell right behind her. An entire crowd of black Americans that were there in SUPPORT of President Trump, and they were just as loud and proud as anyone else in the crowd.

Can you imagine the liberal social justice keyboard warriors’ reaction? Oh yes…it was pretty colorful in the comment section of every video of the event that was posted. Poor liberals…..NOT.

Here check out the excitement for yourself…

Awesome. Yes?

Now here are some of the comments from not so happy social justice dingledorks.

Enjoy their unimportant rage!

L-Nice85 BlackDisciples2x4 • a day ago
LOL, those silly negros definitely on Trump’s payroll. Black people don’t genuinely fuck with Trump unless you’re Super C00n David Clarke or Bedwench Omarosa.

* Just FYI sir… the plural form of negro, is negroes. Not negros. Also… David Clarke is BOSS!*

Obama BlackDisciples2x4 • 19 hours ago
It looked like she had to read the prayer lmao. She might of had Michelle write it for her lol

* Except that, Melania wasn’t praying to Allah, so Michelle wouldn’t be very helpful.*

A RAB MONEY • a day ago
why is he still holding rallies…dude, you won already. i think he just sucks at being in office and he fiends for that love he gets at his rallies

* Yes he is a winner, thanks! Don’t worry, he will make sure the education system that has obviously failed you, will pay for it!*

LukeDaDrifter White Malcolm X • a day ago
post ya address i guarantee you’ll stop breathing tonight. ”o

* I feel sorry for your brain sir, it has to be awful in there.*

Sorry…perusing through the comments are giving me a headache. I think we’ll stop here.

Thank you for not being a liberal.

That is all.

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