Black MSNBC Host Thinks Receiving Welfare Is The Same Thing As EARNING Social Security/Medicare

Tamron Hall of MSNBC has been receiving flack in the conservative media for her comments that insinuate receiving welfare is equivalent to earning a living.

On her show she castigated Scott Baio and gave him a difficult time about his speech at this weeks Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. During their discussion she equated taking welfare to earning social security and Medicare. Except for the fact that one is a handout to a person who didn’t earn it and the other is for someone whose worked their whole life paying into the system.

Hall said,

When you talk about … people wanting things from the government, one of the things that remains hugely popular with your own party, conservatives, [are] Social Security and Medicare.”

She went on,

“You have older citizens in Florida who say, ‘Oh, you want an Obama phone,’ but they want their Medicare. So is there some kind of hypocrisy there when you have people who say, I don’t want something free for the other guy, but I want things that started out as socialist ideas for myself?”

Hundreds of thousands and even millions of Americans toil every day for decades at a time paying their hard earned money into the social security system. Some work fifty and even sixty years and retire with the the expectation of earning that social security check that they worked hard for. Whereas welfare is a handout for those struggling with unemployment. It’s a form of charity. They didn’t work for that charitable luxury. Neither can be comparable.

The fact she can’t tell the different shows the folly of her liberal ways. She attempted to defend herself but the damage was done as she has received flack for her ignorant and close minded comments. In reality her opinions won’t change. She will continue to spread that false narrative on her progressive outlet.

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