Black NFL Star Tells Kaepernick To F**K Off And Then Invites Cops To Do This! Truly EPIC!

Not everyone in the NFL likes what Colin Kaepernick is doing. Thanks to his media stunt of a protest, players around the league have decided to follow his lead and refuse to stand for the national anthem. This is because Kaepernick says that they’re “oppressed”. Yes, a bunch of millionaires getting paid to play a child’s game truly understand what oppression is! Meanwhile, other players are disgusted. And one running back is trolling Kaepernick to show his dissatisfaction… and it is epic.

LeSean McCoy has found himself on the wrong side of the law more than once. He was even sued by a group of police officers after he assaulted them. But all the same, he is trying to do something good for the men and women in blue. Maybe he’s trying to turn over a new leaf, maybe he just wants to irritate Colin Kaepernick. Who knows? Whatever his motivations are, his actions are sure to make Kaepernick mad: McCoy said that he plans to invite 15 to 20 police officers to attend the upcoming San Francisco 49ers – Buffalo Bills game.

This will be the first game that Kaepernick starts in this season.

“I’m going to invite some police to the game, about 15 or 20, just an appreciation thing. They’re taking so much heat right now, and there’s things that have happened that are definitely wrong, but I just feel like there’s always bad people and good people. There’s good cops and there’s bad cops,” McCoy said. He then followed that up with a retort especially for Kaepernick. “There’s still good cops. At the end of the day, if there’s something wrong going on, if there’s something dangerous, I’m sure Kap, he’ll call the cops. He’ll call 911,” McCoy added.

Earlier this summer, McCoy got into a bar fight with two police officers, who were both off-duty. McCoy was arrested, but he didn’t cry about Black Lives Matter or oppression. He took responsibility for his own actions.

“You don’t hear about other guys like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady getting into incidents like that, so I think sometimes you get so lackadaisical about being successful as a football player, and then you let all the minor, small things go. In a situation like that, if you got security or you got even off-duty officers working for me at the time, and this thing never even gets out of hand.” McCoy said.

What McCoy is doing? This is how you make a difference.

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