‘Black Olives Matter’ Merchandise Flying Off Shelves; People Around The World Love It . . . Guess Who Doesn’t?

Yesterday I wrote 2 very important posts involving the new cultural mainstay called Black Lives Matter movement. This movement has inspired many things past throwing concrete blocks on cops and severing their spines. And while it really takes a person of color to truly understand how deeply important the movement is; I have learned some VERY exciting facts about Black Lives Matter. There are other things other than ‘Lives’ that are highly important to BLM.

Yesterday I wrote about a black man who believes that Black Thirst Matters so much that it’s okay to just walk into any store dressed as a delivery guy and steal carts of beer and soda. The movement believes that ‘looting is a justifiable form of protest’ because Black THIRST Matters!

I also came across a video that really defines the importance of looking good as a BLM protester. In the middle of a riot, one woman had the courage to stand up and defend what’s truly important. She was distressed because black people were burning down their own neighborhoods which was ALSO burning down the weaves. That’s right, she had the courage to admit that Black WEAVES Matter and encourage the rioters to move their mayhem to the ‘suburbs’. I guess that black weaves don’t matter in the suburbs.

Today, we got wind of another important aspect of what ‘Black…Matter’ really means. An italian restaurant in Albuquerque, NM had a new dish they wanted to promote. It was really important to them and they believed that the key ingredient was black olives. The owner Rick Camuglia decided to create signs (just like any protester except he was more of a pro-olive-tester) to post outside his restaurant and post on FB. So far this sounds exactly what a BLM should do to get the word out about things important to them. The signs said: Black Olives Matter. Camuglia’s FB post went viral which organic engagement is always important to any movement. But some people were unhappy about his use of words, saying that he was ‘trivializing’ the movement.

And those attacks, ladies and gentlemen, are what launched Camuglia’s latest, and very successful campaign — selling “black olives matter” hats and shirts.

“The thing has gone inexplicably viral,” Camuglia told Albuquerque’s KOATV-7 news. After getting calls from Australia, Spain, France and other worldly locations — and being a smart entrepreneur — Camuglia had the slogan put on merchandise and set up a station inside the restaurant to sell the souvenirs.

“People have filled the restaurant and told us to leave up the sign,” Camuglia told Fox News. “That’s great, you know, because a lot of people make a living off working for this restaurant.”

So now that we have learned that Black THIRST Matters, Black WEAVES Matter and Black OLIVES Matter; I wonder what other ‘Black… Matter’ will evolve next? Let’s see what people have to say on social media:

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