Black Panthers Call For Bombing Nurseries With White Babies… Where’s Al Sharpton?

via BuzzPo: Racial grievance monger Al Sharpton proved this week that he cares about one thing and only one thing: himself. Perhaps un-surprisingly, the only thing he hasn’t been doing is actually fixing any of the problems he claims to aid. Shocking.

On Thursday he arrived to intervene and “support the city of Baltimore” and to help “improve” relations between the community and police. However, the charlatan hosted an “invitation-only” discussion that included neither the police or residents of the community.

The only people allowed to attend were NAACP President Cornell Williams Brooke, National Urban League President Marc Morial, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and, of course, Al Sharpton himself.

Needless to say the residents of Baltimore were not pleased.

“I wanted to give my voice,” resident Shamar Gordon, 17, told reporters. “Al Sharpton need to roll out!”

Eventually Sharpton opened his selfish arms to allow a few community members to the meeting, but only after he was served a “tense” discussion in the hallway. Furthermore, Sharpton only allowed one of them to speak.

He also tried to ameliorate the anger by suggesting the possibility of a future “follow-up forum involving Baltimore’s youth,” though we have yet to hear about him actually setting up such a “forum.”

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