Recently, conservative black pastor Bishop E.W. Jackson sat down and spoke at length with the Daily Caller.

Most over the conversation centered on the “cancerous and devastating” liberal policies that have destroyed black families and communities across America.

Bishop Jackson first stated that he found it “ironic” how so-called leaders of the black community can be “making a six-figure salary” and still claim that black people are victimized in this country.

He went further and called it “preposterous” for these same leaders who live in mansions and drive expensive cars and eat good food to claim that race relations are worse for them than for their grandparents.

He says it is a “tragic, false message” resulting from “spiritual blindness.”

While Jackson believes that America is a country full of opportunity for all, he worries that far too many people have fallen for the “lies” and indoctrination of race hustlers and pot stirrers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

He also thoroughly dispels the myth of “white privilege” perpetuated by progressive liberals, which maintains that all opportunity and achievement in life comes solely from the color of one’s skin.  He said it is simply “ludicrous” to believe that “children of black billionaires, black CEOS, our black president, or our black Attorney General are, automatically, in a worse position than the children born in white projects like in Boston.”

He also points out how progressive liberals ignore facts, truth, logic, and the law when defending their narratives, saying “If truth doesn’t matter, then the debate must end at the point of a gun, because might is what makes right. And that’s a very dangerous way for our country to go.”

Jackson noted the double standard of how Tea Party rallies were called “extreme” by the liberal media, yet the protests, riots, and looting that have occurred recently across the country are embraced and justified by the media.

“If you [cultural elites] like what they stand for, you ignore the fact that they are rioting,” he states.

He further points out how selective outrage is manufactured and fomented in these protests, and how there are three distinct classes of victims that result from this.

He first names the police as victims, as they risk their lives on the front lines everyday to try to keep us safe.

He next names black youth, whom he feels have been sold a false bill of goods by their so-called leaders.

Finally, he names law-abiding citizens who are victims of the increased crime but remain afraid to report it because they will be labeled snitches or retaliated against.

Finally, he said that the seculard liberal policies that have been imposed over the past several decades on black communities have been “cancerous and devastating to the black family.”

Bishop Jackson is right and should be supported as he stands up against the progressive liberal Left.

He made note of how he has met with black leaders in Ferguson who felt exploited by people like Sharpton and knows that his views are supported by a large portion of the older black community, who sadly stay mostly silent.

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