HELL YEAH! Black Pastor UNLOADS on Rep Lewis You’re “On The Wrong Side Of History”

Former Black Panther Clarence Mason Weaver made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last night to discuss the recent exchange of words between Donald Trump and Rep. John Lewis, and the Democrat Party’s record on race relations.

In response to Lewis calling Trump an “illegitimate President” (a charge he once levied against George W. Bush too), he referred to Lewis as an illegitimate Congressman.

As the Daily Caller reported:

He has done nothing,” the former Black Panther told Carlson on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “John Lewis, bless his heart — it took courage to do what he did in his early life. What he has done now, he has turned himself to his enemy.”

Weaver compared Lewis to “a little girl being beaten by Daddy and joins Daddy,” and “a woman beaten by her husband who joins the husband.”

Weaver proclaimed that if Lewis is “a real hero, you stand up tomorrow morning and you look at the people and you apologize.”

“You say you tried to work with them — the Democratic Party has always been the party of abuse, always been the party of the Klan, the party that waged war to keep slaves — the party that’s always been the destruction of black people,” he continued. “Mr. Lewis, you have presided over the destruction of black America, and you owe us an apology.”

Watch below:

Lewis is a complete hypocrite, by the way. While he claimed Trump’s inauguration will be the first he’s protesting since 1986, a Washington Post article published in 2001 reminds us that Lewis and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus boycotted George W. Bush’s inauguration because they didn’t “believe Bush is the true elected president.”At this point, it’s becoming clear that you need a (D) next to your name to be considered a “legitimate” president by John Lewis.

Such statements at at odds with comments he made less than a year ago in defense of Barack Obama.

In an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood last year, Harwood asked “…you hear some Republicans say, “Hey, this president promised to bring the country together but he’s actually made it more divided by how he has governed.” What do you say to that?”

Lewis replied, “I think Obama’s been treated differently because of his race. I really believe that. You wouldn’t hear, with a white Democrat or white Republican speaking, someone holler out, “You lie.” You wouldn’t have a governor putting her finger in the face of a white president like the governor of Arizona did. There have been visible signs of disrespect for the man. And I’ve always said if you don’t respect the man, respect the position.

Unless the person in that position is a Republican, apparently.

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