‘Black People Kill Black People!’: Activist Tells Former Detective to ‘Shut Up’ During Tense Clash Over Police Brutality


From TheBlaze: Things got a little heated Monday evening as a detective and an activist faced off against one another on a Fox News panel.

The two clashed multiple times during a segment on police brutality and Quentin Tarantino — the actor and filmmaker who spoke at a rally against police brutality over the weekend in New York City. “The Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly and former detective Mark Fuhrman contended that Tarantino “glorified violence,” especially of police officers, in his own films “to a ridiculous degree.”

Fuhrman accused the group protesting police brutality of “misrepresenting the facts” and said that they will, therefore, never be happy.

“Police have been killing people,” activist Carl Dix said before he was interrupted by Furhman, who interjected, saying, “Black people kill black people!”

The pair continued to talk over and criticize one another before Kelly cut the segment short.

“Hey, look, we can’t talk together, and I don’t want to sing with you, so shut up and listen to me,” Dix finally was able to say.

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