Black Professor DESTROYED Obama And His Race Baiting Campaign Against Trump (VIDEO)

Would it be fair to call President Barack Obama the race baiter in chief?

Race-baiting is the last resort of politicians whose insane policy claims cannot survive their collusion with reality. The incitements that transform policy debates into an us-versus-them rumble are always made about race, so that Obama can divide us.

Even his wife is on board with the rhetoric, famously stating that she wakes up every morning in a house built by slaves. While slave labor did contribute to the construction of the White House, it was hardly exclusively built by slaves (and she doesn’t seem to mind living there all too much, does she?)

Obama’s even evolved from playing the race card the other day to playing the women card while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, claiming that the only reason one wouldn’t vote for her is due to sexism. Were all the Democrats who voted for then-Senator Obama over Hillary in the Democrat Primary back in 2008 sexists? I suppose so (but at least they weren’t racists!)

Everyone is sick of it – even other blacks. As Red State Watcher reported:

Carnegie Mellon University professor Kiron Skinner went off on Obama and his race-baiting on the campaign trail yesterday. Professor Kiron believes black voters are breaking to Trump because he is talking about jobs and the plight of the black community.

The media wants you to believe that Trump isn’t going to attract a single black voter, but the polls clearly show otherwise (with an expected 20% of black voters planning on voting for Trump). Twenty-percent doesn’t sound like much – but remember that Mitt Romney only garnered four percent of the black vote!

The blacks voting for Trump certainly aren’t racist, and they aren’t sexist either. They’re thinking – which is what the media doesn’t want them to do.

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