Black Radio Host Calls Obama Out On His Bullcrap, Then Drops Truth Bomb About What Trump Just Did

Black radio host Jesse Lee Peterson is known for striking fear into the hearts of liberals. He’s most critical of those on the Left who try to exploit blacks and other minorities to push their own political goals.

He’s embarrassed a number of Black Lives Matter organizers on his show, cutting their arguments like mincemeat. I’ve never seen two liberals look so uncomfortable.

On another occasion, he had Patrisse Cullors, one of the three founding members of Black Lives Matter on his show – and she hung up on him after being challenged on her talking points. That’s really all it took for her to scram.

As you may have guessed, he’s very supportive of Donald Trump too. In fact, he believes that Donald Trump is the savior for Black America that Barack Obama never ways.

Here’s a relevant except from his latest column, courtesy of World Net Daily:

President Donald Trump has issued a blunt warning to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about his city’s out-of-control violence: “If the city doesn’t fix the horrible carnage going on, I’ll send the feds!”

Trump’s words sent shockwaves across the country.

Donald Trump – a white man whom the press has tried to paint as a racist – is ironically giving black America hope. What seemed like an impossible problem plaguing our inner cities now seems solvable.

But what’s wrong with black men that they can’t stop the carnage?

For eight years, Barack Obama had the full authority and resources of the United States government to deal with the gangs, drugs and violence afflicting his adopted hometown of Chicago, but all he did was posture. He supported his corrupt former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as mayor, and they pandered to black “activists,” blamed guns and called for more spending.

Chicago is home to Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright Jr. and countless black mega churches, yet these so-called “leaders” have failed to speak honestly about the root cause of the violence and take action to curb the rising death toll (4,000-plus shooting deaths in the last eight years).

Black men were not like this prior to the 1960s. They believed in God and took care of themselves and their families. But after Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Democrats seduced blacks away from God and the Republican Party with “programs.” They’ve “owned” blacks ever since.

Democrats empowered black liberal politicians to run cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore and Memphis. They left these cities in worse shape than when they took office, but the media refused to hold them accountable because of their color and political affiliation.

He elaborates more on his radio show. Watch below:

Liberals talk about diversity often, but all they mean by “diversity” is a world where everyone looks different but thinks the same. It’s about time we got REAL hope and change!

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