Black Rapper Tells The Truth About ‘Black Lives Matter’ And Sets The Internet on FIRE!

This past week has been a jumble of racial opinions. Most all of the articles or videos that have come out have been slanted by personal opinion. I wanted to give you something that is grounded in facts; statistics and numbers to help guide your opinion of what’s REALLY going on. I found a great paper written by Richard Johnson, Ph.D. in 2014 called Examining the Prevalence of Deaths from Police Use of Force that grabs stats from FBI Crime Reports and U.S. and the Center for Disease Control to provide telling information:
The first stat I want to give you is to help you understand the prevalence of police-related killings. With all the news stories out there anyone can easily get the impression that police officers just shoot a lot of black people and that black people only want to shoot a lot of cops.

2013 U.S. population is 316,128,839 persons, here are annual percentages:
⦁ 0.012% of the U.S. population committed suicide
⦁ 0.011% of the U.S. population died in a vehicle crash
⦁ 0.004% of the U.S. population died in a criminal homicide
⦁ 0.00012% of the U.S. population died from police use of force
⦁ 0.00012% of the U.S. population was struck by lightning
⦁ 0.00009% of the U.S. population was legally killed by a private citizen in self-defense

You know how hard it is to get struck by lightening? Well, it’s just as hard to get shot by a police officer. And even harder if you just follow police officer instructions. It appears that white people seem to be following less instructions than black people. According to Washington Post after launching a real-time database to track fatal police shootings, and the project continues this year. As of Sunday, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race). THAT dispels the MYTH that Police are shooting MORE black people than whites people. Professor Johnson gathered very specific numbers on Police-related killings and black males saying

that of the 1,491 persons that died from police use of force from 2009-2012:
⦁ 915 (61.4%) were white males
⦁ 481 (32.2%) were black males
⦁ 48 (3.2%) were males of other races
⦁ 28 (1.9%) were white females
⦁ 15 (1.1%) were black females
⦁ 4 (0.2%) were females of other races

A second source that says the majority of those who died from police use of force during this time period were white males, not black males. The numbers become even more telling when you see that:

⦁While only 6% of the U.S. population is identified as black and male, 57.9% of the persons legally killed by a private citizen in self-defense were black males.
⦁ However, 73.1% of the black males legally killed by a citizen in self-defense between 2009-2012 were killed by a black citizen.
⦁ 42.6% of victims of all solved criminal homicides from 2009-2012 were black males
⦁ 89.6% of black males killed in criminal homicides from 2009-2012 were killed by another black male
⦁ 40.6% of the police officers murdered in the line of duty from 2009-2012 were killed by black males*

REMINDER HERE: Only 6% of the population is a black male and yet 6% of the population is committing almost HALF of the killing of police? Also it appears that black males seem more interested in killing other black males than anyone else… sorry Black Lives Matter… only matters if the killer is a non-black person because black killers get a free pass killing black people every day of the week. It’s kinda like the N-word… only black people can use it, ONLY when non-black people use it does it become offensive.

⦁ In spite of these statistics, only 32.2% of the deaths from police use of force from 2009-2012 involved black males

(REMINDER HERE: While black males are disproportionately involved in violent crime, most people killed by police use of force (67.8%) are NOT black males.)

Now that you have an understanding that ‘Cops’ aren’t specifically targeting any one race (and if they were targeting it would appear to be white- males police are targeting); you need to also understand that there is a race who IS targeting black people. I’m not the only one to notice this, prominent rapper and record producer Hopsin has come out with a barrage of tweets citing this racial attack on Black- Americans. My favorite tweet was this “Let’s be real. Black lives don’t even matter to a lot of blacks. So how come all the sudden black lives matter when someone else kills us?”

Hopsin tweets

Those tweets are more opinion but we’ve got numbers to back up that opinion. I wish that Mr. Hopsin had more influence to take down the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton sheisters who are stirring up the BlackLivesMatter movement under FALSE information.
According to REAL statistics, black males commit a disproportionate amount of crime

In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.
In other words: black people–at just a fifth of the size–committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white counterparts.
The figures above highlight a horrific truth that black racialists and white liberals routinely ignore: Lawbreaking black Americans, young black males particularly, put themselves in close proximity to (mostly white male) police officers at rates sometimes five to 10 times higher than whites. This is a recipe for disaster. Thusly….
Blacka are only 13% of the population but have committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.
DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52% of homicides.
In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31 percent.
There are five times fewer black people than white people in America and, yet, they consistently carry out a larger share of the crimes? Given this rate, it’s no wonder that there aren’t more assistances where cops kill black criminals.

If there is anyone who should be afraid right now it should be:
1. White male criminals because you’re more likely to get shot by police.
2. Black person who lives around black people because you are more likely to become a victim of homicide around more black people.
3. People who are in the Black Lives Matter movement because you are increasing your risk of injury just by being in an environment where the cops are your enemy… who will protect you? Plus you are literally standing among the people who commit the HIGHEST disproportionate amount of violent crimes in the nation.
4. All of us because the BLM are going to destroy the greatest police force in the world that protects our Bill of Rights better than anyone right now. We are about to get a Federalized police force and the Constitution is DEAD without the local Sheriff.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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