Black Repub. Senator DESTROYS Ghetto Trash With EPIC Reply To Her Calling Him A N***er

The theory that the Black Lives Matter is to promote better lives for black people is completely invalid since they turn on their own when they feel that they are a traitor to their race by being successful through their own means of actually earning it. This was proven when a black Republican Senator was called the “N word” by a pissed off piece of trash who felt he deserved it for not being in and of the ghetto and wasn’t afraid to tell him, which resulted in a perfect response from the badass senator.

Republican senator is Tim Scott of South Carolina

There have been a total of 1,970 men and women who have earned their seats in the U.S. Senate, only just 10 of which have been black. That didn’t deter Republican senator Tim Scott of South Carolina from trying or making excuses as to why he couldn’t be a part of the “old white guy’s club.” Scott should be the poster boy for what the Black Lives Matter movement says they are about — giving opportunities for achievement to black people — but instead, the ghetto is mad at him for his accomplishments, calling him racist for working with whites and leaving his people behind. When called a N***er for no reason other than earning his place in politics, he responded with one word that destroyed his trashy detractor.

After it was recently announced that Scott had been re-elected to a six-year term it proved the racist movement wrong that it’s not what others are allegedly supposed to do for you, it’s what you do for yourself. This reality earned Scott a racist Tweet aimed at him by a woman who clearly doesn’t understand how things work.


Thankfully, Scott saw it and without hesitation pointed out the flaw in her assessment, and it only took one word.

This, my friends, is exactly why Scott is where he’s at today, living a life he can be proud of and not making excuses for what others supposedly owe him. Although he put this girl in her place, she should learn from his success because being racist and pissed off won’t get her anywhere.

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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