Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said it’s time to “push back” against the Obama administration.

Clarke made the comments during an appearance Tuesday on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

“I will resist and reject any attempt by Eric Holder or the president of the United States, with all due respect, to try to run my office here at the local level,” Clarke said during a discussion of law enforcement and race relations.

“Policing is a local issue,” he said — a comment that could be made about practically every issue into which this administration has attempted to insert itself, from school lunches to land use policies.

“We do not need federal involvement,” Clarke added. “All they’re trying to do is create the situation where the neighborhoods at the local level that need policing the most will get it the least because it will cause people to back off.”

Unfortunately, the president and his advisers are listening to social activists, not the people who really know what the situation on the streets is.

“Cops at the street level, and I love street cops, they don’t have a voice right now,” Clarke said. “And I think it’s time to push back.”

You can watch Clarke’s comments below, courtesy of Fox & Friends:

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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