“Black Slasher” Thug Who Cut Woman “Because She’s White” Gets some very Bad News

From CT

Turns out, hate crimes actually CAN go both ways, something this “black slasher” is learning the hard way. This is epic justice.

Officials are reportedly mulling hate crime charges for a New Jersey man who slashed a woman on the street with a knife in Brooklyn.

According to the New York Daily News, the “black slasher,” also known as Gregory Alfred, stated that he attacked the victim for one reason only.

“I cut her because she was white,” he told the New York City police.

Alfred’s victim received a gash that took 13 stitches to close, according to reports. The 53-year-old victim told police the man who attacked her hid his face with an American flag bandanna.

“He’s a very disturbed young man,” Robert Boyce, NYPD chief of detectives, told reporters. “He had bought paring knives and kitchen knives and said he was going to stab people.”

The 25-year-old suspect was apprehended after he left his weapons arsenal at the scene. As he fled, he dropped a bag filled with other knives, which allowed police to get fingerprints.


There has been an increase in slashing attacks in the city of New York and this case, thankfully, was able to be solved. To date, there have been nearly 500 slashing attacks this year alone. This one was definitely racially motivated … how many others are out there that are also hate crimes?

This is epic justice because hate crime charges are usually reserved for minorities who claim they have been the victim of racial attacks, though whites are sometimes targeted by blacks, of course.

It is great to see that this system is taking a stand on hate crimes from both sides and that this black slasher will possibly go down not just with assault, but for the motive in which he committed the assault.

Hats off to you, NYPD.

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