That Moment When A Black Student Learns Why You NEVER Talk Back To A School Police Officer, Gets INSTANT KARMA!

A rascally teenager was allegedly smoking weed when the cops went by. The cops were actually on their way to a scuffle, but I guess they saw this boy puffing the reefer and stopped to address the situation. You can’t mistake that smell, right?

As the cops entertained a discussion with the boy, he took off running away from the cops! OK, if you have nothing on you and you’re not smoking weed, then what are you running for? If you have nothing to worry about, then this is a two-minute conversation and you’re on your way.

No need to talk back or run away if you have nothing to hide, amirite?

Nevertheless, he persisted.

The boy only ran about several feet, losing his shirt in the process, which then made the next part even better. The cop tasered him right on the bare skin back!

He dropped like a sack of hot potatoes, POW! He hit the floor hard, BANG! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!

A Long Island high school officer tasered a shirtless high schooler in the back, causing the agonized teen to collapse to the ground, new video shows.

The footage, filmed on Wednesday by another student at Walter G O’Connell Copiague High School in Suffolk County, shows the teen struggling to free himself from the cop – losing his shirt in the process.

But he only gets a few feet before he’s hit by the taser and falls, screaming, to the ground.

The cops were heading to an off-campus fight when they saw the teen apparently smoking weed outside the school, Suffolk Police Assistant Deputy Commissioner Justin Meyers told NBC New York.

They chased the teen onto the school property, where the unidentified cop tackled him, leading to the events of the video.

The teen – who is believed to attend night classes at the school – has been charged with harassment, resisting arrest and criminal possession of marijuana.

Some people say the video is horrible. I say it’s hilarious. I love a good taser video. I don’t feel bad for people who get the shock treatment because 99% of them deserve it.

What’s he running for? I’ll tell you. He’s guilty and doesn’t want to get caught. If he really wasn’t smoking weed, then he has something else that he’s hiding.

He was charged with criminal possession of marijuana though, so I guess he really was packing the grass.

Considering marijuana is becoming legal in more cities and states, this may or may not have been much of a charge. Since he ran, he tacked on two extra charges.

Not very smart, right?

This is why you don’t mouth off or run from the police – they will add more charges for everything EXTRA you do. Always be cool, calm, and collective when stopped by the police. Whenever you run or give the cops a bad attitude, even though you’re probably guilty, the cops will always treat you the way you treat them. Don’t be a jerk!

Have respect for the police officers and they’ll give you respect back.

If everyone would follow the law, that would eliminate the need to taser people.

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