Black Teacher Says All White People In Oklahoma Should Die — Local News Praises

You can file this story under: today in insanity.

I’m starting to think that those who sympathize with the sort of anti-racist racism of the #BlackLivesMatter genre have no sense of self-awareness. The founders of the movement cite Assata Shakur as their main inspiration. It’s not uncommon to see shirts reading “Assata Taught me” on them, or hear them chanting “We have a duty to fight for our freedom!” – a chant coined by Shakur.

So who is Assata Shakur? A convicted cop killer who escaped prison and fled to Cuba. Sounds like a lovely woman. How can BLM claim to be “anti-police brutality,” but not “anti-police” when this is who they draw their inspiration from? Only God knows.

We live in a world where there is a segment of the population that seriously believes that only white people are capable of being racist. That couldn’t be exemplified any better than in the video below.

What do you all think?

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