Black Teen Killed By Gang In L.A., BLM Blames Cops, Mother Tells BLM To SHUTUP – WATCH

Of all the forms of pain that exist in this world, the most painful of them all is the pain a parent goes through who has lost a child. It is a pain that does not go away with time. The moment you realize you will never hear your child’s voice again while on this earth…you also realize you will never be complete again.

I know this.

However, everyday there seems to be another child lost to gang violence. Like this deadly shooting that took place within a block from where protests took place just weeks ago. Those protests where over an 18-year old boy that was shot and killed by police officers.

In this instance however, it had nothing to do with Police shooting the victim, but gang members. In fact, in all the suffering of her loss, the Mother of the deceased made it very clear to media and those that came ready to protest that is was NOT police that had shot her son, but a local gang member.

Even more upsetting was the fact that her Son had nothing to do with gangs, and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is the kind of killing that is claiming FAR more lives than that of Police Officers.

After the incident, Police rolled in, at least a dozen were on the scene to support and protect. They briefly got into a shoving match with locals that came to find out if it was another Police shooting.

When it was learned that it was a gang shooting, do you think there were any protests?


Except one…and that one was from the family of the deceased.

“I’m just tired of this killing right now,” said Valerie Girvan, who tentatively identified the man who died as her 19-year-old son.
Family also believed that he was shot by gang members, but said he was not a part of a gang.

They are tired of the killings. Tired of kids killing kids, and black on black crime. South Los Angeles is getting so bad that people are looking for any opportunity to move out of the area.

The entire community is sick of the crime that is running rapid so near to their homes, and over the fact that they keep killing each other and there is no hope that things will change. Especially with BlackLivesMatter continually inciting more violence against cops and ignoring the facts that exist to prove that black on black crime is the the true enemy.

This is a video where you will witness family members and people from the community crying out for the violence to end against one another to end.

Blacklivesmatter exists because they are on someone’s payroll. Their fabricated stand is based on an idea that was created for the purpose of getting Democratic votes, and those that are in it with their heart are being played like puppets.

Blacklivesmatter was created by white liberals, to gain benefit.

The real problem exists in the ghetto because of the ghetto, not because of Police Officers. It is the ghettos that need to be fixed, not our men and women in blue.

Can you imagine having to suffer through the actions of the real enemy who continues to get away with it, because of ignorant people like BlackLivesMatter that want to blame someone else for their problems instead of fixing the real problem?

Just a few weeks ago this family witnessed the world protesting and fighting for the loss of another 18-year old boy because Police shot him. Now her 18-year old son is gone and dead, but because it doesn’t fit the Blacklivesmatter agenda, or Son gets no attention.

I would be just as sick of it, if I were this poor Mother. Sick of Blacklivesmatter focusing on the cracks in the ground when in fact the very sky is falling that gets no attention at all.

Prayers going out to this family. May they be comforted by the warmth only divine assistance can provide.

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