Group Of Black Teens Commits DISGUSTING Act Against 2 Murdered Cops They Found – Here’s What Happened Next

This is how far the United States of America fell under the presidency of the charlatan Barack Hussein Obama. Now we don’t even respect the dead! 

Spokesman Herman Lamar from the Americus Georgia Police Department stated Thursday morning that they have arrested and charged four teenage scumbags for vandalizing the grave of Officer Nicholas Smarr who was shot and killed by a thug in the line of duty last year.

Lamar added that the police department had made arrests in the case on Wednesday morning after viewing surveillance footage of Smarr’s grave at The Oak Grove Cemetery. He said that Janine Smarr, Officer Smarr’s mother, had installed a camera to monitor the grave after she had visited and twice found footprints on her son’s grave.

Herman went on to confirm that they had both arrested and charged 17-year-old Kaheem Chambers with criminal trespass for “standing, spitting and walking on the grave” after midnight. The POS Scumbagis being held in the Sumter County jail. In addition, three juvenile females were also arrested and charged with curfew violation and criminal trespass. Two of those females have an additional charge of obstruction of law enforcement. Herman said there are plans to transport two of the teens to The Macon juvenile facility. And the third was released to a parent since there was no significant damage to the grave that would require monetary repairs. Do these scumbags even have parents?

Police Officer

Nicholas Ryan Smarr

Americus Police Department, Georgia

End of Watch: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Police Officer Nicholas Smarr and Public Safety Officer Jody Smith, of the Georgia Southwestern State University Department of Public Safety, were shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence incident at a local apartment complex at South Lee Street and Country Club Drive, near the Georgia Southwestern State University.

The officers had been notified that the male subject was punching holes in the apartment walls and that he had an active felony warrant. When they arrived on scene the complainant advised them that the man was still inside of the apartment. Officer Smith went to the rear of the building as Officer Smarr announced himself at the front door. As Officer Smarr entered the apartment he observed the male subject entering the apartment from the back door.

He ordered the man to come to him, but the man instead fled out of the back door. Officer Smarr radioed that the man was fleeing and ran through the apartment. As both officers pursued the man on foot the subject opened fire on them, striking both officers in the head. Despite his wounds, Officer Smarr returned fire but did not strike the suspect. Officer Smarr immediately began to perform CPR on Officer Smith until he collapsed from his own wounds. Both officers were transported to Phoebe Sumter Regional Hospital where Officer Smarr was pronounced dead. Officer Smith was flown to a trauma center in Macon, Georgia, where he died the following day.

The suspect, Minguell Kennedy, fled the scene but committed suicide next day following a SWAT raid of a local residence.

Officer Smarr was a U.S Marine Corps veteran had served with the Americus Police Department for one year and had prior law enforcement experience.

Officer Smarr and Officer Smith had known each other their entire lives and were best friends. Officer Smarr was going to serve as the best man at Officer Smith’s wedding in May 2017.

I honestly believe this is why nations like Iran have public lashings. Because if there was ever a case in which anyone deserved such a punishment it would be this one. How can any human being do something like this to a grave? It’s odd how things like this never happened before President Barry Soetoro created this environment of racial divide and hate against our peace officers. What could have truly been a presidency of healing turned out to be one of revenge and hate.

Via Blue Lives Matter:

“Americus, GA – Four teenagers have been arrested in connection with the vandalism of a fallen officer’s grave.

Surveillance video from cameras that Janice Smarr had installed showed the four teens standing, spitting, and walking on the grave of her son Americus Police Officer Nicholas Smarr. She said that she noticed footprints around his grave when she first visited his grave, and she’s seen footprints there twice within the past week, according to WSPA.

She turned the video footage over to police, and four teenagers have been arrested since then. Three were three female juveniles, whose names weren’t released, and a fourth teenager, Kaheem D. Chambers, age 17.

Two of the females already had previous criminal histories.

Smarr said that the issue is simply “a lack of appreciation for her son’s sacrifice.” She said, “People need to show respect. Especially for Nick and Jody. I mean, they died heroes, and to us, they will always be heroes.”

“Hope and Change” turned into “Nightmare and Despair.” But I am sure the “free stuff” and the “Historical Value” was worth it to the brain dead zombies under the spell of the Democrat Party and their lies!

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