Black Thug Activists want you to know police racism is way worse than the Planned Parenthood shooting


From Right Scoop: About the only skill that modern black activists have developed is to be able to make any news headline about police racism.

Here’s the king of “Black Lives Matter” making sure that you know the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado today was nothing compared to police racism.


That’s a lot of retweets.

He’s trying to say that blacks are killed because of police racism, and whites are captured when they commit far worse crimes. But here’s the difference – their current ghetto hero was doped up on PCP and didn’t give in to the police when they asked him to. This guy shot at cops, and they shot back at him. But in the end, he gave in. Are they supposed to execute him after he does that?

Maybe if Deray’s ghetto heroes would give in to the cops instead of reach for their guns, they wouldn’t be shot dead with such frequency.


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