Black Thug Arrested on Assault Charges See’s a White Correctional Officer Then BRUTALLY Attacks Him (VIDEO)

Get ready. You might feel this punch through your screen.

A Racine County corrections officer got sucker punched and I’m pretty sure this could be one of those punches heard around the world. WOW, that pencil shaped guard got DROPPED!

I saw this punch and I was like…

The video starts off with the suspect walking nicely with two corrections officers, possibly sharing a laugh and a smile, and then he sucker punched one of the corrections officers for no reason.

The man in orange connected HARD to the guys face, sending him back, then acting like it was nothing and reverting back to his standing position. But wow – that punch connected and knocked this guard stupid.

After the punch, the suspect was easily apprehended by the other guard. I’m willing to bet $50 this guy could beat both of those guards silly if this was a two vs one in the octagon.

Now this isn’t acceptable behavior at all, but you cannot deny the fact that this twerp of a guard does not belong in a prison, not even as a janitor. There’s no way this guy should step foot in a jail unless he got caught for tax evasion from his Norman Bates taxidermy basement job.

What purpose does a walking broomstick serve in a place filled with alleged criminals? This Gumby-looking white boy should be pushing papers or mixing chemicals in a lab somewhere. He’s not made for the corrections officer job. He’s a walking target.

What IDIOT hired this guy?

Whomever hired this guy should be fired. And whomever hired the guy who hired the corrections officer – they should be fired too.

Send this kid to college so Racine County doesn’t have to worry about an outbreak of men in orange and a weekly visit by the broken nose CO.

Come on folks, being a criminal is one thing, but it’s really stupid to hire a guy to work with “prisoners” when they can’t fight their way out of a wet paper shopping bag with a Freddy Krueger glove.

I don’t condone the guard punching people, because that’s a criminal thing to do – but that guard should probably not be working in that facility.


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