Black Thug BRUTALLY Beats Elderly White Woman Almost To Death, Then Makes It Worse With How He ‘Finished’ Her

Scumbag alert! Why do criminals need to beat up old people? Most old people aren’t going to beat you in a fight if they try to stop you from robbing them.

Why can’t robbers and criminals just do what they’re going to do and leave? What’s the point in harming an old person who is 99.9% defenseless?

It’s like beating up a couch cushion that smells like moth balls and has dementia.

What’s wrong with today’s criminals? Back in the old days, the criminals were a little more respectful.

Look at this guy! He beats the woman with a slab of wood. Seriously? Guy, WTF is wrong with you?

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita police are looking for a man who attacked a woman in August. The incident was captured on surveillance video.

Police say the attack happened around 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 2 in the entry way of an apartment building near 2nd and Topeka.

The 58-year-old victim tells police a man had been walking closely behind her for about a block and followed her into the building.

Surveillance video shows the man making small talk with the woman. When she turns her back, he pulls out a 2×2-inch piece of wood that is concealed under his shirt and beats her with the wood.

The was treated for her injuries at a local hospital.

Her attacker is described as a Black man wearing a black hat with a distinctive white logo and dark dress shoes.

If you have any information about the case, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111. You also can submit a tip online at or from your mobile phone by texting TIP217 then your message to 274637 (crimes). All ways are secure and anonymous. If your tip leads to an arrest you may be eligible for a cash reward up to $2,500, and Crime Stoppers will never ask your name.

I’m sure a liberal somewhere will say the man’s description is RACIST because it calls the man black.

No, that’s not racism, that’s just a description. If anyone in the area sees the black man wearing that outfit, then they’ll be on the phone reporting it.

If you saw an Asian or white man in a similar outfit, then you wouldn’t be worried or calling the cops.

The guy is a crumb and deserves jail time.

If he wants to make it up to us, he can work in a retirement home, for free, for the length of his jail sentence.

Either that or he can punch liberals in the face for a week straight and I think that would be fair game to get him a few days off his likely prison term.

He’s terrible for punching an older person, but if he punches liberals, then I’m cool with it.

Liberals are busy punching Trump supporters everywhere, so they deserve a few shots back.

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