Black Thug Claims 3 Racist White Males Jumped Him, Then Cops Find This Video

There’s a shocker! The thug is probably a part of Black Lives Matter! I would bet my last dollar that BLM is training their members to lie to police about fights and tell them that a bunch of “whites” did it. Pieces of crap.

For two whole weeks, Iowa City police combed the city in search of the three racist white men who allegedly jumped black University of Iowa student Marcus Owens and hurled racial epithets at him.

But it turned out that their efforts were for naught, because the instigator of the alleged hate crime turned out to be Owens himself.

“What happened involved Owens — fueled by alcohol — engaging in or instigating three separate fights early May 1,” reported The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette.

The paper added that Owens was seen on surveillance camera “acting aggressively, shoving and pushing and yelling” in all three incidences.

Drunk moron thug. That’s why police don’t trust these people. All they do is instigate violence & lie about it. Cops know they lie. Hell, we all do.

“We very quickly learned through video evidence that the events as reported by Marcus just did not happen,” Iowa City Police Department Capt. Troy Kelsay said Tuesday at a news briefing. “Marcus was not even present yet at the bar at the time he reported he was assaulted.”

“Marcus was an active participant, and even an instigator, in three separate physical confrontations or assaults that occurred at bar close,” Kelsay added.

The student-turned-racial-grievance-monger basically wasted the police department’s time, the university’s time and the city’s time. He also created outrage over something that never even happened.

One might think that the Iowa City police would therefore arrest him for filing a false report, but one would be wrong. The police instead intend to let Owens off the hook, because the community needs to heal and “has real social justice issues needing attention,” according to The Gazette.

“There were many things that probably played into why Marcus came up with this story and maybe eventually felt painted into a corner on this,” the city’s police captain also said, as if trying to excuse the little twerp’s abysmal behavior.

Moreover, though the story wound up being nothing but a lie, the University of Iowa announced plans to launch a “Bias Assessment and Response Team.”

It is like the entire Iowa City community is in “The Twilight Zone“; everything in the town is completely backwards. Up is down, down is up and the reporting of totally fake hate crimes is a perfect reason to obsess over racial bias and create a “Response Team.”

To respond to what? More lies?

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There will be no “racial” healing until scum like this are either deported, or in prison. They don’t belong in civilized society with the rest of us.


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