Black Thug Grabs Girl’s Breast Then Brutally Assaults Her On The NYC Subway! WATCH What Everyone Does!

The world is just getting crazier and crazier.

Footage has emerged showing the moment a young man slapped a woman across the face on the New York subway. The video, which was uploaded on Sunday and quickly spread on social media, appears to show the woman telling the man to quiet down. The man moves to walk away but, when he is followed by the woman, he spins around hits her with his left hand.

The woman, with long red hair, is thrown backwards by the slap, but quickly composes herself and chases after her attacker, hitting him back. Many commuters are seen moving out of the way as the melee unfolded in the video, which appeared on WorldStarHipHop.

However it is unclear when the clip was recorded and what train the incident occurred on.
In a separate incident, authorities are looking to question a man in connection to a menacing incident on a Manhattan-bound E train from Queens on Friday morning.
The man sat next to a woman on the train and threatened to slap her, police said.

The woman moved, and told authorities the man then approached her and lifted his shirt to show the handle of a gun. The 33-year-old woman got off the train, and the man stayed on. Authorities said the man was described as in his 30s, six feet tall, wearing black jeans and a green jacket.

Watch the video below, courtesy of World Star HipHop:

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