NEVER DO THIS WHILE PUMPING GAS: Watch This Black Thug Rob This White Lady Blind (VIDEO)

This could be the worlds most stupid purse thief.

She pulls up for gas and goes to the other side of the vehicle where her gas tank is. She’s just handling her business, ordering gas from the pump, and has no idea what happens next.

That’s when captain d-bag swoops in super slick like a rapist slipping a roofie into an unsuspecting victims drink like they’re a former President or guy named Cosby.

The thief quietly opens his door, crawls over to her SUV looking crossover mobile like a dirty crab, OPENS HER DOOR, snatches her purse, then quietly cowers back to his snatch-mobile that looks like a Toyota Camry. If a liberal watches this video, they’ll try to ban and sue the gas station and car company, that’s how dense those brain damaged idiots are.

Watch this video show us how a degenerate A-Hole robs a woman at the gas station, then I’ll explain to you why this guy could be the worlds most stupid purse thief.

What does the woman have in her hand? Her credit or debit card, right? If she’s paying with card, then she may not have cash in her purse.

Most women I know also don’t usually leave their phone in their purse because they sometimes put it in the cup holder of their car.

So what could be in the purse? Maybe a few bucks or another card. Sure, but maybe not. Maybe a cell phone, but maybe not.

That’s a purse full of maybe’s, mascara, and things that stop women from bleeding seven days a month.

Is it worth it to steal a purse that MAYBE has something valuable in it?


That’s one reason this purse thief is an idiot.

Another reason that he’s not the brightest hi-lighter in the pharmacy school supply aisle is because both him and the vehicle are on camera.

Why does he steal a purse on camera without wearing a mask?

And think about it – if there’s a camera point of view from this angle, then there might be one on the other side too. Maybe there is. Maybe there isn’t. There’s a good chance the license plate of the car was recorded and could lead police to a suspect.

Criminals aren’t that smart these days.

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