Black Thug Viciously Beats White Girl’s Boyfriend, Then BRUTALLY Assaults Her, Watch What Happens Next (VIDEO)

Holy hood-rattery Batman, this looks like a job for a super hero. Or at the very least a half decent human being who might stop by and give the guy a hand.

Two guys double team another guy, then punch out a woman who thinks she’s helping. As if she was going to Chun Li combo attack the violent creeps, save her man, and rescue him from the castle known as the NY subway. She took a HARD FIST to the face and she fell like a sack of potatoes to the floor that all the rats hang out on at night.

I don’t think they’re putting her back on the field! She wouldn’t pass the NFL concussion protocol if she tried. and they play everyone until the brain leaks out of their ears.

Meanwhile, the two guys beating up her boyfriend (or side piece) have some explaining to do.

Why are you sucker punching a frail looking haggard woman?

Why does it take two guys to gang up on one?

What did that guy do?

Was he like the character DEBO in the movie Friday? Did someone just HAVE to knock him out?

And did anyone notice the amount of elbow drops he did? You don’t see that in a hood fight video that often. He must’ve caught a glimpse of the latest UFC matches.

What I see is a group of scumbags infiltrating the subway with violence. They need to be disciplined and the guy getting attacked needs to carry a gun. There’s nothing else he can do unless he’s a trained martial arts guy who’s ready for war.

Maybe a super charged taser if he’s not legally allowed to carry a gun, but since when did that stop anyone from having a gun?

Gun laws don’t work, remember? A man should be allowed to defend himself and his woman.

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